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Ana del Rocío and Anjeanette Brown in a scene from the film.

Mother of Color

Noelia is a whip-smart community organizer and single mother of two, with something to say about our fractured and fragile world. She constantly has to make hard choices between her kids and her career, despite her ambitions. When she’s offered the chance to interview for a position that could change everything, she begins receiving mysterious messages from her ancestors. Noelia senses that something bigger is at play as she works through a series of obstacles to get to the interview and follow her dreams. This is Dawn’s debut feature film.

Mother of Color has been a labor of love developed over time with the support and participation of many, many people. Click the button to visit the website and learn more about this upcoming release!


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Future projects

I'm currently working on two new feature scripts, developing new ways to train and mentor up and coming filmmakers as well as exploring more sustainable ways to make a new feature film!

I love meeting fellow filmmakers and creative collaborators.

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